Galaxy R-4




    • Large 4.65 cubic yard STAINLESS STEEL debris hopper. 5 year no rust-through hopper warranty.
    • BLAST ORIFICE designed pick-up head creates swirling vortex ("horizontal tornado") along entire pick-up head maximizing cleaning performance.
    • 70" convenient high dump design allows dumping into 5'+ dumpsters.
    • 3" hopper slide-back system makes dumping clean and easy.
    • No CDL license required to operate.
    • Travel from job site to job site at highways speeds (65 mph).
    • Proudly made in the USA.
    • Effectively sweeps everything from large quantities of light bulky debris to sand, gravel, stone and milling.
    • Extremely fuel efficient.
    • Simple to operate and maintain.


    • Large 14.4 sq. ft. STAINLESS STEEL debris separator screens resist clogging and extend sweep time. Better air flow means more cleaning and fewer hopper dumps. Rust resistant STAINLESS STEEL screens are easily removable, easier to clean and ensure the longest service life possible.


    • STAINLESS STEEL debris hopper and noise reducing auxiliary engine shroud are rust resistant and comes with a 5 year NO RUST THROUGH WARRANTY.

      Bolt together stainless steel hopper body panels greatly reduce repair/replacement costs.  Replace a damaged panel – never the entire hopper.


    • DUST FREE SWEEPING provided by TWO separate – 1 gallon per minute electric spray water pumps drawing from a 130 gallon polyethylene tank protected in steel casing.  Easy access hydrant 20' filling hose with 4" air gap puts unit back into operation faster.

      FIVE separate DUST SUPPRESSION CONTROL POINTS ensure maximum dust free sweeping.

      2 spray nozzles over each side broom
      4 spray nozzles mounted under front bumper
      4 spray nozzles on suction head
      2 spray nozzles mounted on vacuum intake tube (inside stainless steel hopper)
      4 spray nozzles mounted on clean side of stainless steel separator screens (inside stainless steel hopper).


    • Vacuum intake tube constructed of longer lasting abrasion resistant steel.  Bolt-in design makes replacement quick, easy and very economical.  Hood mounted intake and exhaust tubes are of longer wearing, abrasion resistant steel construction.
    • 30" 10 blade abrasion resistant impeller fan is constructed of two abrasion resisting grades of longer wearing keyed welded steel, also known as "HARDOX" brand material. To prevent weld or material failure, each blade is keyed to match a corresponding notch in both the front and rear plate. To maximize impeller service life, fan housing is lined with replaceable corded rubber and held in place with abrasion resistant liner bolts.
    • OVERSIZED storage compartment constructed from non-corrosive/rust-proof materials and illuminated by two recessed LED compartment lights.  Over 52 cubic feet of space to store shovels, rakes and vacuum hose extension tubes.  Stainless steel access door locks keep your tools safe.
    • CAB OVER Isuzu model NQR 17,950 lb. GVWR chassis provides unequaled operator visibility. Tight 16'9" turning radius means excellent maneuverability in both congested areas and narrow streets/alleyways/cul-de-sacs.

      Excellent OPERATOR VISIBILITY ensures safer operation. 


      Low overall machine height (less than 8.5' with strobe light) ensures trouble free cleaning along tree lined streets.
    • Conveniently located operating panel houses intuitive and dependable rocker switch controls to all sweeping functions.
    • "EYES FORWARD" color camera safety system (Standard equipment) keeps operator focused on traffic/road ahead versus constantly diverting attention to rear view mirrors.  Dashboard mounted 7" COLOR MONITOR (posted slightly to right of operator's forward view) provides clear view of right side broom operation and rear bumper.
    • 80" long pick-up hood incorporates a specially designed BLAST ORIFICE.  This concentrates and blasts the surface with hurricane force like winds.  The blast orifice creates a swirling vortex or "HORIZONTAL TORNADO" along entire pick-up head maximizing cleaning/pick-up performance.  The R-6 is equally effective on large quantities of light litter, fine dust, sand, stone or millings.

      FLEXIBLE HOOD STOPS ensure safe and secure resting position for raised pick-up head during transit.  Pick-up hood is spring balanced for longer wear and reduced surface marking.
    • Special "LITTER GOBBLER" feature makes quick work of bulky litter build-ups in front of the pick-up head.  Flick a switch and the front of the pick-up head rises to more effectively vacuum up bulky debris build-ups.
    • Oversized 74.3 HP Kubota tier 4i turbo diesel engine provides more than sufficient power at minimum operating speeds.  The easier the work load – the longer the service life.

      Separate 12 volt back-up hydraulic system operates all sweeper functions in event of auxiliary engine failure.
    • Two OVERSIZED hopper INSPECTION DOORS aid in bulk debris loading and hopper cleaning.
    • 70" HIGH DUMP allows for on-site disposal into 5' + tall dumpsters eliminating the need for time consuming travel to remote dump sites.
    • In preparation for dumping, exclusive 3" SLIDE-BACK feature automatically shifts the debris hopper 3" rearwards to extend reach over rear bumper and ensure cleaner debris disposal.
    • Top mounted separator screen inspection door OPENS AUTOMATICALLY with hopper dump.  Provides unprecedented access for quick screen inspection and hassle-free cleaning.   No need to climb inside the hopper to clean/inspect.  The cleaner the screens, the better the sweeping performance.  Hopper dump height is 70".
    • LARGE 4.65 CUBIC YARD debris hopper minimizes dump cycles and maximizes sweeping. Larger hopper cavity maximizes dust/air separation and ensures better dust control.
    • Large 39” diameter side brooms ensure effective sweeping while maintaining safe chassis distance from curb. Side broom mounting plates are recessed to prevent damage to hydraulic motors from, twine, plastic, wire or wrapping cord.
    • To ensure maximum performance in all types debris, the impeller/blower housing shall be equipped with an air diverter system to enable the operator to adjust/ control of the amount of blast air entering or exiting the pick-up hood.  The sweeper shall be capable of either majority vacuum and/or regenerative sweeping or any combination of both.  The control for the air diverter shall be in the cab.
    • Simple, easy to service hydraulic valves are well protected and readily accessible behind stainless steel engine shroud.