Starfire S-5s/t




    • The preferred balance of performance, reliability and capacity, the Starfire S – 5 series is a sweeping powerhouse.
    • Full sized single or twin engine mechanical broom street sweeper mounted on a conventional or cab over commercial chassis.
    • Manufactured for a hard day of sweeping year-in and year-out.
    • Built with reliability and simplicity.
    • S-5 series features a 5 cubic yard debris hopper, up to 11 foot wide path, 350 gallon water suppression system and 12' variable dump height.
    • PM – 10 Certified.
    • 3RD ELEVATOR IDLER SHAFT vastly improves sweeping performance, service life and slashes routine maintenance costs


    • EXCLUSIVE 3rd ELEVATOR SHAFT provides 3 key user benefits.
    • 1. Ensures just the right amount of chain tension.  Prevents chain slapping common in other designs.
    • 2. Doubles the amount of available chain adjustment.  This and optimum chain tension reduces the need to remove periodically remove chain links by more than 50%.
    • 3. Maintains unrestricted debris movement.  Debris that is being carried up the elevator by the lower chain can be knocked back down by the sagging upper chain.  The 3rd shaft maintains optimum chain spacing, which minimizes clogging.


    • Exclusive FOUR SCISSOR lift design ensures safe, effective dumping of hopper debris from frame height up to 10 feet off the ground.  Two additional scissors provide better platform stability.  They minimize the risk of platform bending/twisting due to load instability or mechanical issues.


    • Large 5 cubic yard hopper dumps from frame to 12 feet.


    • Longer reach 53" hopper door ensures more efficient debris disposal and even/stable loading of disposal vehicles.  Helps maintain safer machine distance.  Longer reach eliminates need for hopper shifting which can cause stability issues.
    • Elevator hydraulically driven through offset chain/sprocket drive system that utilizes a 4-bolt flange bearing of 2" diameter.   This provides maximum protection to the hydraulic motor from shocks and jarring impacts common during operation.  Allows for a more robust mounting system and prevents excess loading of the motor bearing.  All of this ensures longer service life and reduces the risk of mechanical failure during critical operations.
    • "EYES FORWARD" color camera safety system (standard equipment) keeps operator focused on traffic/road ahead versus constantly diverting attention to rear view mirrors.  Dashboard mounted 7" COLOR MONITOR (posted slightly to right of operator's forward view) provides clear view of right side broom operation and rear bumper.
    • DUST FREE SWEEPING provided by 3.6 GPM electric diaphragm pump drawing from a 350 gallon polyethylene water tank enclosed in a protective steel chamber.

      THREE separate DUST SUPPRESSION CONTROL POINTS allow operator to focus on critical dust generation areas and ensure maximum dust free sweeping performance.

      1. 2 spray nozzles over each curb broom
      2. 4 front bumper mounted spray nozzles
      3. 4 spray nozzles on main broom


    • Easy access hydrant filling hose (20') with 4" air gap fills 350 gallon tank quickly.  A simple lever diverts hydrant flow from tank to top of elevator for quick and effective cleaning.
    • Large 42" gutter brooms (54" gutter brooms optional for 11 foot path) are spring balanced and apply the right amount of constant surface pressure without the need for additional hydraulics.  Spring loaded brooms last longer and require little maintenance.

      Side brooms ELECTRICALLY TILTED (from within cab) to more effectively match deep curb cutters.
    • All sweeping components are common on both sides of the unit.  All 4 hydraulic motors are the same.  Wear component part numbers are etched in the metal for easier identification and ease of maintenance.
    • All operating controls conveniently located next to operator in cab.  Well lit operating panel houses intuitive and dependable rocker switch controls to all sweeping functions.
    • Electric actuator switches are mounted directly to hydraulics valves.  Individual activation light on each switch aids in troubleshooting and maintenance.
    • OVERSIZED 45 gallon hydraulic reservoir ensures maximum performance.  Tandem gear cast iron gear pump resists heat and contaminants (commonly found during sweeping operations) while supplying a constant and even flow of fluid.  Hydraulic oil radiator is mounted to top of engine canopy and cooled by separate fan.  Entire system is simple and economical to repair.
    • Over-sized Kubota auxiliary (47Hp) turbo-diesel engine requires only 39% of generated power/load.  This means lower fuel consumption, quieter operation and longer service life.
    • Oversized curbside access door, 28.5" by 17.25", facilitates the disposal of large road debris.
    • All lights are minimal maintenance, energy saving LED.