Starfire S-4XL




    • Large 4.5 cubic yard capacity debris hopper.

    • 11’ sweeping path with 54” gutter brooms.  10' path with optional 42" gutter brooms.

    • Longer reach 44” hopper door ensures more efficient and safer debris disposal.  Longer reach eliminates need for hopper shifting which can cause stability issues.

    • Spring balanced, full floating gutter brooms auto compensate for wear.  Automatically follow surface contours for clean sweep all the time.  No operator judgments or costly hydraulic down pressure systems required.

    • DUST FREE SWEEPING provided by 3.6 GPM electric diaphragm pump and 330 gallon water supply.

    • PM-10 Certified

    • One-Touch Sweeping and auto pick-up in reserve enhances operations.

    • 4 massive “X” style lift scissors provide exceptional hopper stability especially when dumping wet, unbalanced or sticky loads.

    • Elevator hydraulically driven through a chain and sprocket drive system.  Unlike direct drive alternatives, this system better protects the hydraulic motor from shocks and jarring impacts common during operation.

    • 59 HP Kubota turbo-diesel engine provides more than sufficient power at minimum operating speed.  Easier the work load equals longer service life.

    • Auxiliary engine has auto shutdown in event of high temperature/low oil pressure.

    • OVERSIZED 45 gallon hydraulic reservoir ensures maximum performance and minimalizes overheating risks.

    • LED lighting consumes approximately two thirds less power than incandescent bulbs and minimizes battery power draw.

    • Wear component part numbers etched in the metal for easier identification.

    • All operating controls conveniently located in cab.  Intuitive/dependable rocker switches control all sweeper hydraulic functions.

    • “EYES FORWARD” color camera safety system keeps operator focused on traffic/road ahead versus constantly diverting attention to rear view mirrors.  Dash board mounted 7” COLOR MONITOR (positioned slightly to right of operator’s forward view) provides operator with clear view of right side broom, right side dumping and rear of unit.

    • Like all Stewart-Amos sweepers, the S-4XL is built with time tested, easily accessible off the shelf components.  All hydraulic motors are the same.

    • Back-up alarm is standard equipment.

    • Hi-visibility 8” convex mirror on each west coast style chassis mirror

    • All components enclosed in protective and lockable steel housings.  Protects components from the elements, vandalism and passing/falling tree limbs.


    Stewart-Amos is proud to introduce the STARFIRE S-4XL. It is a full featured, mechanical broom street sweeper mounted on a Freightliner M2 26,000 lb. NON CDL CHASSIS. The S-4XL offers a host of buyer benefits including: 4.5 cubic yard hopper, up to 12' variable dumping height, 330 gallons of dust suppressing water and a 10' to 11' sweeping path with extra large 54" gutter brooms.

    • EXCLUSIVE 3rd ELEVATOR SHAFT with Off-Set Hydraulic Drive Motor
    • Benefits Include:
    • 1. LONGER LASTING. The 3rd shaft ensures correct amount of upper chain support and tension.  Chain slapping is eliminated.  Chain life extended up to 5 times longer than similar over-tensioned 2-shaft designs.
    • 2. REDUCED MAINTENANCE COSTS. The 3rd shaft doubles number of adjustment points and improves upper chain support.  Chain wear and need to remove links is reduced by more than 50%.
    • 3. BETTER LOADING PERFORMANCE. The 3rd shaft maintains optimal chain spacing and ensures the unrestricted movement of debris.  Effectively sweeps large and bulky debris minimizing clogging.


    • Exclusive FOUR SCISSOR lift design ensures safe, effective dumping of hopper debris from frame height up to 12 feet off the ground.  Two additional scissors provide better platform stability.  They minimize the risk of platform bending or twisting due to load instability or mechanical issues.